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Weight Loss





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The hair on face and body of female patients are mostly due to hormonal imbalance. Hairs are destroyed by coagulation (not burn) caused by selective photothermolysis of melanin in the follicular epithelium and hair matrix.

A firm pressure is exerted is to cause a blanched area during the shots. The treatment is painless & safe due to the inbuilt deep cooling of the skin. These sitting are repeated as per need, generally varying from 2 – 6 weeks. Bleaching, waxing and threading should be avoided during the treatment. Five to seven sitting are generally required.
Each sitting takes roughly 20 – 30 minutes. A medical treatment for correction of underlying hormonal imbalance, if any, is must for long lasting results.



For women who’ve experienced multiple childbirths, vaginal muscles tend to experience enlargement due to stressful expansion during the delivery. The result can often be loose, weak, vaginal muscles. Even after exercise (Kegel), the condition of the vaginal muscles may not improve.
Many women find that while the experience of childbirth may be the most rewarding of their lives, sometimes the after effects for both their sexual partner and themselves is not as satisfying as it once was.

Vaginoplasty, sometimes referred to as rejuvenation of the vagina, is a procedure that can usually correct the problem of stretched vaginal muscles resulting from childbirth(s), and is a direct means of enhancing one’s sexual life once again. The procedure typically tones vaginal muscle, resulting in greater contraction strength and control, thereby permitting greater sensation during sexual experiences.
Vaginoplasty is a standard gynecologic surgical procedure. It tightens vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissues, by reducing excess vaginal mucosa (vaginal lining). The result is an immediate decrease in the size of vaginal muscles, resulting in more friction during sexual experiences.
After surgery, the patient is usually able to walk comfortably within a few days and may return to sexual activities within 4-6 weeks.




This is done to enlarge an underdeveloped breast or breast that become small and loose after child birth.
A silicone or saline implant is placed behind the muscle of breast tissue. Implant is placed through incision in axilla, below the breast or areola (dark skin around the nipple), usually leaving behind no evident tell-tale signs.
Breast augmentation is performed to balance a difference in breast-size, improve body contour or as a post-surgery reconstructive technique. Silicone shells filled with saline solution are implanted either directly under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle, giving breasts a fuller and more natural contour.
The methods for inserting and positioning implants depend on the patient’s anatomy and doctor recommendations. Incisions are made in as inconspicuous an area as possible – usually the armpit, around the alveolar (nipple area), or under the breast itself to minimize visible scarring. Working through these incisions, the doctor lifts the breast tissue and inserts the implant. It is then centered beneath the nipple, either under or above the pectoral muscle.
Breast augmentation has been available for over 40 years. With that said, the surgical techniques and breast implants themselves are continuously being refined, increasing the safety and reliability of the procedure. Breast augmentation will make your breasts fuller and enhance their shape. In addition, you will find it easier to wear certain styles of clothing and swim wear. Like many women who have had breast augmentation, you may have a boost in self-confidence.



Breast reduction surgery, technically called mammaplasty, is usually performed for physical relief rather than for cosmetic reasons. This procedure involves removal of excess breast tissue to reshape and lift the breasts.
Benefits of the surgery include increased comfort in your upper back, neck and shoulders; less shoulder pressure from bra straps; increased ability to exercise and participate in physical activities; and a more positive self-image. The surgery may also help you breathe and sleep easier. The surgery results in a high satisfaction rate among women, the surgeon removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the lower part of the breast. The nipple is then moved upwards and the tissues closed to form a smaller breast.
The surgery usually takes from two to three hours but can take longer. It is done under general anesthesia, so you will be asleep through the operation.
After having breast reduction, as with breast lift, you may lose feeling in your nipple or breast for at least six weeks. This loss of feeling usually subsides gradually as the swelling goes down after surgery. If the breast is especially large and hangs very low, the nipple and alveolar may have to be completely removed and re sewn onto the breast higher up, in which case the nipple and alveolar will permanently lose all feeling.
Breast reduction, like breast lift, leaves permanent scars. These can be lumpy and red for months following surgery, fading bit by bit until they are less noticeable. In a few cases, if only fat needs to be removed,liposuction can be used, which leaves small scars. The scars can, however, be hidden under a bathing suit.



Gynecomastia is a disorder which causes enlargement of a man’s breasts mainly because of hormonal changes, obesity, heredity or taking of steroids or drugs.
Generally, gynecomastia is non- cancerous and isn’t a significant problem but it can be emotionally catastrophic to the affected person.
Symptoms of gynecomastia are: breast tenderness, swollen breast and increase in the diameter of the alveolar.
Male breast enlargement can start during puberty or in adolescent boys due to natural reduction in testosterone production or increase in estrogen formation. Testosterone controls male traits whereas estrogen controls female ones. Gynecomastia may also occur in infants due to their mother’s estrogen. Intake of alcohol, drugs, steroids, marijuana or heroin can cause gynecomastia.
Kidney and thyroid diseases, Klinefelter syndrome and some other genetic disorders can cause gynecomastia.
Initial tests that are required before gynecomastia surgery include Blood tests, CT scans, testicular ultrasounds and Mammograms
These tests are mainly done because the doctor wants to be convinced that male breast enlargement is gynecomastia and not breast cancer or any other problem.
Gynecomastia surgery is done to reduce the breast size, and can even enhance the chest contours. In this surgery, extra or excess skin is reduced by liposuction and mastectomy and size of the areola is refined. The scars are almost invisible. This surgery can take 60-90 minutes.
Some medicines like tamoxifen and raloxifene can help some men with gynecomastia but these medicines are not specifically approved.
So, mild cases are treated with exercises and proper diet, whereas, extreme cases are treated with surgery.
To reduce the risk of gynecomastia, one should refrain from using illegal drugs, steroids, alcohol and any medicine without consulting a doctor.
Gynecomastia surgery is a procedure which can have astonishing results if performed by a qualified Plastic surgeon. It leads to regaining of not only the lost anatomy but also that lost morale and self-esteem.



The response to various slimming programmers, capsules and oils etc. is very unpredictable.
The benefits , if and when present , are usually transient as one can’t stick to such stringent programmers for a lifetime resulting in rebound weight gain , which may even be worse than the original shape. On the other hand ,liposuction’s principle of extraction of adipose (fat) tissue from the body offers one-time cure by eliminating the very source of obesity. In liposuction, fat is removed from an area by using cannulaconnected to a suction machine. The tips are blunt.
The suction machine used for this purpose creates negative pressures (1 to 35 at the sea level).
At this pressure & body temperature, the fat becomes liquid & can be sucked out. Fat collection of hips, abdomen, thighs, arms under the chin & upper torso etc. can be reduced.
Liposuction is a surgical procedure intended to remove fat deposits and shape the body. Fat is removed from under the skin with the use of a vacuum-suction cannula (a hollow pen-like instrument) or using an ultrasonic probe that emulsify (breaks up into small pieces) the fat and then removes it with suction.
Persons with localized fat may decide to have liposuction to remove fat from that area. Liposuction is a procedure for shaping the body and is not recommended for weight loss. Liposuction may be performed on the abdomen, hips, thighs, calves, arms, buttocks, back, neck or face.



Want curvaceous butt like Bayonne and Kim Kardashian!
Butts are an important part of our body which adds to the elegance and femininity. Unfortunately their significance is often not realized due to gross ignorance of their contribution toward poise and aplomb.
Procedures – Butt Implants
Butt implants, or buttocks implants, are intended for men and women who would like more curves and / or a well-balanced physique. This can improve an individual’s buttock contour by creating a fuller shape. Made out of solid or semi -solid silicone, butt implants have a soft, natural feeling similar to a well-toned muscle.
Candidates for Buttock and Implant?
1. If you have lost the curve of your buttock with aging.
2. If you desire a fuller buttock.
3. If you have disproportion between your upper and lower body
Results of Buttock Implant:
Create a larger and ‘sexier’ buttock.
Improve upon a flattened buttock.
Enhance the curves of the back area.
typically, a doctor will make an incision where the cheek meets the back of the thigh or down the crease between both cheeks. Although the incision is usually made in the buttock crease, because scars are not noticeable here (despite this area carrying a high infection risk). He or she will then create a pocket large enough to fit the butt implant, which can be placed underneath the gluteus maximums muscle, or on top of the muscle. Liposuction is sometimes performed in conjunction with buttocks augmentation, in order to enhance the shape of the buttocks.


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